About us

About us

“Kazselenergoprojekt” (KazSEP) Energy Network and Supply Projekt Institute founded in 1937, is the General Designer of energy supply for rural and urban areas, as well as industrial consumers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Executive Developer of the regional technical policy and strategy of forming and optimal development of 0.4 – 500 kV electric distribution system.


State license for category I project activities

State licence for exploration activities

State license for work in the field of environmental protection


СТ РК ISO 9001-2009

СТ РК ISO 14001-2016


Provision of the following types of works and services to the consumer in the main field of activity

  • Implementation of a full range of engineering surveys for objects of electric networks with a voltage of 0.4-500 kV, diesel and gas turbine power stations, bases for the construction and operation of electrical networks and other power facilities;
  • development of feasibility studies, electricity supply schemes, projects and working projects of 0.4-500 kV electric networks in cities and rural areas;
  • development of feasibility studies and projects of diesel and gas turbine power plants with a capacity of 5 thousand kW to 300 thousand kW
  • development of power supply schemes for enterprises, cities and regional power supply schemes in rural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Development of schemes and working projects for RE (solar, wind and hydroelectric power stations);
  • development of standard and normative documentation
  • designing of the electrical part of new construction, expansion, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of substations with a voltage of 10 kV-500 kV
  • carrying out in-kind for the construction of trails of overhead lines and substation sites with voltage 35-500 kV
  • development of working and executive documentation for relay protection and automation of substation elements with a voltage class from 10 (6) kV to 500 kV, with the development of schemes for both standard and non-standard solutions performed in AutoCAD and EPLAN Electric programs;
  • Design of automatic dispatch control systems
  • design of security, fire and fire alarm systems
  • Design of fire extinguishing systems;
  • Design of video surveillance systems;
  • development of estimates;
  • Architectural supervision of the construction of projected facilities

The Institute possesses a competitive production base and high skilled experts, which allow carrying out high quality researches including technical documentation design on all above services in short time.