Designing Industrial and Civil Objects

Designing of power, industrial and civil facilities, carries out the author's supervision in the process of construction. The project includes the development of the Masterplan section, the section of architectural and construction solutions of the design object, as well as the development of architectural building products taking into account the requirements of the Customer and the current building codes and regulations, state standards and codes.

General plan

  • location of the projected site on the ground, taking into account existing situational conditions and requirements for external communications
  • location of main and auxiliary buildings and structures on the projected territory, taking into account the organization of the relief of the construction site
  • engineering communications placement
  • landscaping

Architectural construction solutions

  • the development of foundations, architectural and structural solutions of buildings
  • Development of fire-fighting tanks, tanks for collecting oil from emergency oil siphons
  • foundation of supports and equipment of power and industrial facilities
  • development of supports and metal structures for fixing the equipment of the projected objects according to the tasks of the technologists

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