Development of projects and working projects.

Designing of the electro technical part of new construction, expansion, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of substations with a voltage of 10 kV -500 kV, which includes:

  • single-line diagrams, auxiliary circuits, layout solutions and installation drawings of substation equipment;
  • Implementation of the questionnaires for the manufacture of SF6 insulated switchgear, unitized transformer substation, power transformers, reactors, switchgear and switchgear cabinets, all installed equipment at the substation
  • Perform calculations of grounding, lighting and lightning protection of substations
  • Development of a cable log and drawings of layout of power and control cables
  • Preparation of specifications for high-voltage and auxiliary electrical equipment, as well as cable products;
  • Development of a passport and a general explanatory note for the substation
  • Examination of existing substations with the collection of all necessary information for design

Designing Of Transmission Line

  • Designing of supply and distribution lines of electricity transmission from 0.4 kV to 500 kV with bare wires.
  • Designing with isolated insulated wire for 0.4 kV and 10 kV.
  • Designing of cable lines of 10, 35, 110 and 220 kV power transmission using single-core and three-core cables with copper or aluminum core with XLPE insulation.
  • Perform preliminary surveys to select and coordinate the route
  • Development of scientific and technical and auxiliary documentation (Manual for the design of high-voltage lines with protected wires  and self-supporting insulated wires.)