Relay protection and automatic equipment

Development of working and executive documentation of relay protection and automation of substation elements with a voltage class from 10 (6) kV to 500 kV, with the development of schemes for both standard and non-standard solutions performed in AutoCAD and EPLAN Electric programs.

  1. Identification of complexes for performing relay protection and automation of the designed PS elements using microprocessor devices of different manufacturers (ALSTOM GE Grid Gmbh, Siemens, ABB, NPP MT, ECRA, Radius Automation)

  2. Development of an explanatory diagram with the arrangement of the required relay protection kits

  3. Distribution of relay protection and automation devices, metering and measuring devices for current transformers and voltage transformers

  4. Implementation of principal and installation schemes of relay protection, automation of control, signaling, measurement and accounting of connections of projected substations.

  • Calculation of short-circuit currents with the construction of a circuit for replacing the projected network segment

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