Wind Power Station ‘Korday’

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  • Дата выполнения : 02.02.2018
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  • Заказчик : LLC Kun Kuat

The aim of the work is to select the best option for power output from the planned construction of the Korday wind power plant (VES) with a capacity of 21 MW and obtaining technical specifications from the power transmission organization for accession.

The paper presents the arguments about the need to build a wind power plant, shows the power and energy balances for the Zhambyl region for a perspective of up to 220 years, options for power are discussed. The principles of the implementation of relay protection (RZA), the principles of the organization of the dispatching and technological control equipment (SDTU), the volumes of new electric grid construction, the expansion and reconstruction of existing electric grid facilities and the estimated capital investments necessary for the implementation of the recommended version of the power output of the Korday wind farm have been performed.

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